theklainenewsweek: day six - because they make me laugh


Baby love. (4/4)


Baby love. (4/4)


I’m laughing way too hard


still waiting for spoilers for season 6 of glee that will make me react like this


not like this


If you ever, ever feel you are nothing, you are perfect to me

bless this dork

We just wanted to be us, together.

Darren: [Bradley Buecker, the director] has done an excellent job...I think it's a collective of all the creative of Glee, but [Brad] did a really excellent job sort of normalizing everything and making it not necessarily about putting it in your face or making this about sex, per se, but about a, a really lovely relationship, and a very genuine thing between two people. And for that very reason, and for that kind of guidance, it made it relatively easy, and I think... It just felt very natural, I think. We're lucky. I can't say that a lot of other people had that as their first on screen "love making scene". But I don't know Chris, what do you think, man?
Chris: I was scared shitless!



Glee AU|Superpowers: “Kurt, where’s my hair gel?!” aka Blaine is a superhero whose power originates from his hair gel and Kurt just wants one prom night without the world ending. (inspired from here)

The world needs to stop forever to read this because holy damn fuck I laughed for a good five minutes at this because it just combine my two favorite things ever